Imagenator Photo Filter Overview

Image!nator brings you a diverse range of next-generation photo filters like never before, with unprecedented quality.

Soar into a world of fantasy and transformation! Our handpicked Image!nator filters are more than simple visual effects – they are your portal to realms beyond imagination. Slip into the skin of characters and beings as diverse and fascinating as your dreams.

Our Most Popular Photo Effects

GTA Filter

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Vice City or Los Santos with just one click! Our GTA Filter places your portraits and scenes in the heart of bustling streets and neon-soaked skylines. Experience a photo transformation that breathes the style of the legendary cult game – raw yet familiar.

Disney Filter

Who hasn't dreamt of being part of an unforgettable Disney story? With this feature, every smiling face becomes a beloved character from the realm of dreams and fairytales.

Catwalk Filter

Transform every image into the perfect cover for a glossy magazine. This filter polishes your photos so skillfully that each one is fit for the catwalks of the world.

Hogwarts Filter

For fans of magic, now you have the opportunity to imbue your pictures with the essence of Hogwarts. Enchanted portraits and scenic shots let you become part of the most magical stories of all time.

Elfen Filter

Infuse the magic of elven forests into your images. With the Elf Filter, your captures will be touched by the spirit of Middle-earth – bathed in gentle light and a mystical aura.

Werwolf Filter

Awaken the wild nature within and howl at the full moon with our Werewolf Filter. Whether it's the magic of the full moon or the mystery of the nocturnal forest, this filter transforms your photos with a touch of primal instinct and the essence of nightly adventures.

60s Filter

Bring back the groove of the 60s! Whether it's Woodstock, Beatnik, or Mod style – this feature lets you and your friends experience a bygone era, full of colorful vibrancy and joy.

Zombie Filter

Indulge in the macabre with the Zombie Filter – transform yourself and your friends into the undead for spooky fun or Halloween gatherings.

Superhelden Filter

Transform from a simple portrait to the monumental appearance of a superhero with this filter. It carves out heroic features from your face that every comic lover dreams of!

Mafia Pate Filter

Enter the world of honor and respect with our Mafia/The Godfather Filter. Strength and wisdom define your countenance, while old Italian palaces adorn the background. Perfect for those looking to enhance their photos with an aura of power and integrity.

Witcher Filter

With the Witcher Filter, assume the role of the rugged witcher from ancient tales. Silver strands run through your hair, and scars tell tales of epic battles against dark creatures. Be portrayed in a world full of medieval fantasy.

Film Noir Filter

Immerse yourself in the shadowy world of classic detective stories with our "Dark Investigations" filter. Every photo becomes a scene from an old detective film – black and white, full of suspense, and retro charm.

Gangster Rapper Filter

If you've ever wondered how you'd look as a gangster rapper, our filter is just right: bling-bling chains, tattoos, and a cap ensure an authentic look from the streets of hip-hop metropolises.

Hot & Sexy Filter

Unleash your sensual side with the "Art of Seduction" feature. This filter molds every image into the epitome of allure and elegance. True beauty lies in the eye of the beholder – and our AI!

Hobbit Filter

An adventure in the Shire awaits you with our Hobbit Filter. Immerse yourself in a world of coziness, lush gardens, and round doors – perfect for a leisurely afternoon in Hobbit style.

Manga Filter

From a simple portrait to the monumental appearance of a superhero – this filter carves out heroic features from your face that every comic lover dreams of!

Ork Filter

Feel the raw power and unyielding spirit of an orc from epic fantasy worlds. This feature gives you the superhuman chin of a warrior, fierce brows, and greenish skin tones worthy of joining an army of Middle-earth or intimidating your foes with a single glance.

Superschurke Filter

The Supervillain Filter lets you embody evil masterfully - step into the shoes of an iconic villain. From ingenious inventors to insane rulers – choose your style of dark power.

Wrestling Filter

Ready for the ring? Transform your photo into the poster of a main-event wrestler. Muscles become more defined, facial features harder, and every expression announces fighting spirit. Choose your own mask or simply add sweat drops – perfect for announcing your next big match.

Mittelalter Filter

Noble ladies, chivalrous gentlemen, let's return to the round table. The portrait feature immerses you in the age of castles and fortresses. Coarse fabrics, steel armor, and an aura of nobility are added to your countenance – a noble touch from a time full of legends and epic tales.

Pixar Filter

Who hasn't dreamed of being part of a Pixar story? With this feature, every smiling face turns into a lovingly crafted character straight from the studios of these animation giants. From fluffy to futuristic – your portrait becomes as lively and heartwarming as every film classic.



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